Introducing the First Ever Multimodal Android App

Move fluidly between voice and screen commands

Voice-driven personal assistant

  • Use your voice to manage your emails, contacts, and calendar

Hands-free convenience

  • Enter voice commands without ever touching the screen

Visual interaction is always active

  • Menus and popups still appear for all commands
  • Switch to touchscreen command instantly at your convenience

Voice-enabled mobile internet solutions will enable people to interact with the web, the world, and each other. It will change the role of voice as a medium for search, navigation, and communication.

Marc Davis, Chief Scientist, Yahoo!

mypie Demo

mypie on Android

Experience mypie on Android

Download mypie from the Android Market to play with the pre-built mypie demo account. Try the voice commands shown in the demo slides - find the demo account login id and the PIN from the demo slide's voice record.

Register for mypie service from Android for your own Gmail, Gcontact and Gcalendar.

NOTE: mypie is currently in private Beta. Please contact us at to get private Beta permission.

About Us

Our first product, mypie, is the industry's first multimodal mobile interface to enable users to manage their email, contacts and calendar using simultaneously active voice and visual interactions.

In the future, we plan to apply out multimodal technology to develop mobile entertainment and travel applications to help users to access desired information with minimal effort.