Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is mypie?

mypie is industry's first multimodal mobile interface to access email, contact and calendar. After registering for mypie service, users can manage their email, contact and calendar information using voice as well as touch-screen commands. Currently, mypie supports access to the Google email, contact and calendar.

How it works?

mypie recognizes your voice commands remotely to produce voice respond to be sent back to your smartphone. To get your email information, the mypie server connects to the mail server hosting your email service.

Is it secure?

The mypie server is protected from any unauthorized access attempts. And the communication link to the mypie server is securely encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

How can I use?

In order to have mypie work for you, you must register to provide your email address and to authorize mypie to access your email, contact and calendar information. You don't have to enter your password to register. Instead, you are going to be transferred to your email provider, who will ask your authorization for mypie to access your information.

Which email/calendar/contact is supported?

At present, mypie supports Google email along with the Google contacts. mypie also provides access to the Google calendar if the user subscribes the Google calandar service.

Is any setup of my email server required?

For the Google email access, the IMAP setting must be enabled, which is the default setup for the Gmail. To verify and to enable it in case it's disabled, open up the Gmail browser and select the "Settings" menu at the top. Then select the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" item in the Settings menu items. Then click the 'Enable IMAP' item at the bottom.

Can mypie be used with other email browser?

You can still use other email browsers since the mypie is just another email client. The history of reading and deleting email entry using the mypie will be visible from other browsers.

What is mypie user id?

The mypie user id is the 10-digit of your phone number entered when you register for the mypie service. When you connect to the mypie server using this phone, you may login without entering the 4-digit PIN if the quick login setting is enabled.

How can I cancel my authorization for mypie?

To cancel your authorization for mypie to access your information, login to your Google account and select the 'Settings' menu at the top of the window, right next to your email address. In the Settings menu, first select 'Accounts and Imports' submenu to get a new contents. In the new contents, select the item, 'Change account settings:' at the bottom of the window to open up a new window. Then in the new window, select the item, 'Change authorized websites', which will show you the full list of website that you authorized. Finally, click the 'Revoke Access' menu item to cancel.

mypie on Android

Experience mypie on Android

Download mypie from the Android Market to play with the pre-built mypie demo account. Try the voice commands shown in the demo slides - find the demo account login id and the PIN from the demo slide's voice record.

Register for mypie service from Android for your own Gmail, Gcontact and Gcalendar.

NOTE: mypie is currently in private Beta. Please contact us at to get private Beta permission.

About Us

Our first product, mypie, is the industry's first multimodal mobile interface to enable users to manage their email, contacts and calendar using simultaneously active voice and visual interactions.

In the future, we plan to apply out multimodal technology to develop mobile entertainment and travel applications to help users to access desired information with minimal effort.